History of Hip-Hop

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History of Hip-Hop

Postby spindoctor » Tue Feb 10, 2015 11:39 am

History of Hip-Hop

10pm-330am, Friday 6th March 2016 
Trapeze Basement (formerly East Village)
89 Great Eastern Street, London EC1

Strictly limited to 250 tickets

£6 In Advance / £10 On The Door

No ID = No Entry

DJs (in date & set time order)

1980 – 1989: Ralphonze
1990 – 1999: Spin Doctor (The Doctor’s Orders)
2000 – 2010: Mr Thing (The Doctor’s Orders)
2010 – 2015: Motive (License to Trill)

Few musical genre’s have lasted so long and changed to much. Having been born with DJs spinning two copies of Funk & Disco breaks Hip-Hop is now one of the most advanced forms of electronic music produced today.

This very special party will show all facets of this great music in all its forms with each DJ carefully selected to cover the era they love in chronological order on the night so all you 80’s Rap cats better get down early!

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History of Hip-Hop



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