Snap, Tag, Win

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Snap, Tag, Win

Postby spindoctor » Thu Mar 22, 2012 3:04 pm


We have 700 posters going up this week giving you a chance to win!

Just follow these simple steps…

1. See one of THE DOCTOR’S ORDERS COMING SOON poster around town
2. Snap ya self pointing at your fave forthcoming DJ featured on the poster (see our example above with Spin Doctor)
3. Upload the pic to your Facebook making sure you tag yourself and us @The Doctors Orders. Or…
4. Tweet your entry @thedocsorders with #thedoctorsorders. Or through Instagram #TheDoctorsOrders

Everyone’s a WINNER!

We’ll create a gallery of the entries and choose the best 10 entries to win 2 tickets to the gig they are pointing at while everyone entering will be emailed an exclusive Mixtape download.
You score brownie points if you tell us why you like that particular DJ, tag them in your photo or @ them in your tweet and get as many mates to like or retweet as possible!


Picture must be decent quality ie in focus, not dark and with you in it.
Picture must show the whole poster not just the part you like.
All entrants must be over 18 (and able to prove it with valid ID if they win)

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Snap, Tag, Win



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