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Noa & Mira Awad on ESC 2009!

PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2009 7:39 pm
by KewHycleHem
Noa and Mira will represent the Israeli colours in Moscwo! The unique Israeli-Arab comibnation hopes to charm the European hearts with their song hTere Must Be Another Way.
Noa - Known in Israel by her full name Achinoam Nini, Noa is Israel's leading international concert and recording artist. Born in Tel- Aviv in 1969, Noa lived in NYC from age 2 until her return to Israel alone at the age of 17. Her family is originally from Yemen. After serving the mandatory two years in the Israeli Army in a military entertainment unit, Noa studied music at the Rimon School where she met her long-time partner and collaborator Gil Dor. Noa is married to Dr. Asher Barak and together they have 2 children, Ayehli and Enea.
Mira Anwar Awad - Actress, singer and songwriter. Born in Rama village in the Gallillee, 1975 to Palestinian fathet, and Bulgarian mother Studied in the Rimon school for Jazz and contemporary music, 1996-2000. Participated in Improvisational workshops in Isarael and the KU sponsored by the BIArts, British Council. Studied in the body theatre school with a scholarship from the America-Israel culture foundation. Speaks Arabic, Hebrew, English and Bulgarian.

Vote for peace.. Vote for Israel!!!)