Planet B-boy trailer

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Planet B-boy trailer

Postby planet_bboy » Wed Jul 25, 2007 10:18 pm

RUN DMZ scene:

PLANET B-BOY explores the vibrant resurgence of b-boying across the globe.

While most people remember breakdancing as a pop culture fad from the eighties, it was originally known as “b-boying” and started on the streets of the South Bronx as a crucial element in the birth of hip-hop culture.

After disappearing from the mainstream radar, b-boying went back underground where the movement flourished and the dance spread around the world. B-boys and b-girls can now be found in almost every country imaginable, and the dance has continued to evolve in its artistry and athletics, becoming one of the most spectacular dance forms ever seen.

PLANET B-BOY goes inside the international, underground b-boy scene in Japan, France, South Korea, and the United States, as they prepare for the event of their lives: the Battle of the Year in Germany, the oldest and largest b-boy event in the world. Eighteen nations send their best crews to compete at the "World Cup of b-boying".

Coming from vastly different cultures, what the b-boys share above all is their willingness to sacrifice everything for b-boying as a way of life. By gaining personal insight into their lives, we see that it is their ultimate form of self-expression and creativity.

With little chance of recognition or financial gain, the b-boys’ struggle to maintain their passion and love for their art is the original essence of hip-hop in its purest form.
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Planet B-boy trailer



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the video is looking tasty - when is it out?
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