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open mic

PostPosted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 11:23 pm
by lokstarr
look son,
i drop rhymes that get pulled back like triggers
i aint got time to argue bout whos dicks bigger
lotta kids out here lay a claim to be a killer
while i try spit facts on a track so go figure//
chattin like you carry gat man a grab ya pistol
in your habitat man a jus a prat with issues
i will diss you an blud, an thats offical
ill diss you so bad youll be shotting big issue//
i hit you like missles that kill you that simple
smash heads with a stick to the beat like a cymball
float like a butterfly an sting like a bee
im a lord of the ring like Ali in the 80's//


Re: open mic

PostPosted: Sun May 04, 2008 8:28 pm
by mc b-o-u-n-c-e
you might be lord of the ring, but im lord of this mic.
so why dont you take this mans advice and get up on your bike,
u think your american rappin bout gangsta shit ?
like who done what, who hit who and who done this.
u think im jokin or havin a laugh u bitch ?
when this party kicks off im gunna blow up nd own you like this,
i made the step up from makina to rap, northeast coast
so i ask you one question who gives you the most ?
this is my first ever rap, so i must be mad to boast.
first ever rap its also my first ever post,
on this site, so go easy even if i dont give you the most.

Re: open mic

PostPosted: Mon May 05, 2008 4:03 pm
by lokstarr
im bad for your health like DEPRESSION,
ill watch you curl up ina ball when i swicth an get THREATNING,
you aint better coz your AMERICAN,
shit ill hold all of you U.S heads back like RECESSION.
ya lyrics STINK i turn your beef into MINCE MEAT
your a girl tryina do a mans job.... like HILLARY
FUCK did you SAY? bout mans bein a BITCH
when you some OVERWEIGHT USA KID whos GOT TITS
your gonna own me like this??
SHIT, when the party does start i bet you only gonna be BLOWIN DICKS
FLOWS THAS QUICK, so back down



Re: open mic

PostPosted: Mon Jun 16, 2008 11:11 am
by shoota_boi_lmt
shoots im rolling meny manz deeply and il smash over eny manz beat you can talk but your talk is cheap u can spit but ya bars a week your bleek im here reppin the epsom streets its me just being me thats y u should try do u propperly wile your watchin me im watchin my peas move proppley ill put the shank to your neck proppley watch the blood cush down slopperly your not a bad boi blood soo lean its shoota boi wid hes team and wer diggin out chest and spleen its h.i.p not a dreem its serous your pricks r dreems its serous its not a joke ting im serous i no u bad boi pricks aint serous your a joke ting niggers aint serous lookin at my face its serous no smiles more time screw face im serous fuck you fuck wa you herd im serous niggers get shanked up 4 less then nuffin im serous its shoota boi im serous you never no ill bring thes flows to the table cuz im serous you dont no your self rude boi u dont no your self i get the shank out flick nigger get shanked real quick clash bk

shoota boi on da roadz reppin L.M.T FAMILY YADUNO

Re: open mic

PostPosted: Sun Feb 01, 2009 12:46 am
by TRiX
U cudent cut it u aint no cutter,
just a washedout wannabe stuck in the gutter,
i never seen a stutter thats a whole rhymes lenth did you think that tha more times you post the better it gets,
U act like your old skool but u just do wot ur tolds cool talkin bout shanks like ur bold,fool.
You aint gangsta i can tell by your speech in a world bout money ur just a leech who puts up a front by callin yaself
But tha only gun u hold is between ur skinny legs in front ov ur computer.
shup up bitch b4 u get a slap u know wot ur mum said bout anserin bak
ur fancyin that ,stop chantin you twat
Bout bloodcot this shit n il slit... its wack!
Before you know it ur in A and E wonderin wot hit u...well 240 pounds of me
n who wud av fort u sounded so WEEK
If ur reppin epsom then their future looks bleek.

NICE to introduce maself people to ya TRiX :mrgreen: