Jamfest - 30th August 2008

This is is for all the grafforiginees to chat about who is up and post up flix...

Jamfest - 30th August 2008

Postby UKURBANCULTURE » Mon Aug 11, 2008 8:40 pm

Back at the Old Mill, this time presenting a mini festival, celebrating the core elements of urban culture with a dazzling array of artists and art forms. In association with Kolorblindesignz and the Jellyhead Collective,


Showcasing Hip Hop and DnB in two seperate areas

Also includes a Huge Graff Jam -

Areas of the UK Involved:
Artists Involved:

and a Floornography dance stage (hosted by Flowrex and TL) showcasing an all day jam and a 2 on 2 dance battle with a cash prize of £200 (both open to the public to participate).

All This and much more.

12:00PM - 2:00AM
@ No. 4 The Old Mill
North Mills, Frog Island
Leicester, LE3 5DL

Entry - £6

Go to http://www.ukurbanculture.org for a run down of the day's events.
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Uk Urban Culture offers a stage that seeks to unite those who share a passion for the urban lifestyle
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Jamfest - 30th August 2008



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